Go to Notifications

Click on Add a New Notification. Give the notification a Title. You can also add an optional message to go along with the notification if you would like to include more detail. 

Set the delivery date and time, select the Alert tick box if you want this to be a Push Notification - this will create an on screen alert with the title of the message, at the time you selected to your attendees devices (available on Apple and Android devices), then click on Create Notification

If the Alert box is not selected, the message will be sent to the Event Feed only and no Push Notifications will be sent.

Once you have clicked Create Notification, your new messages will appear in a chronological list in https://my.showgizmo.com - this is only visible to you, the notifications are not visible to your attendees in the app until the time that they are set to appear.

Note: Push notifications are only sent to participants who are loaded in the Dashboard at the time the alerts are created.