There a range of reports available when using ShowGizmo so you can track engagement within the app and see users interaction within it.

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The following reports are currently available:

User Report
User reports show details of people added to the app, such as their industry sector, job title, location, smartphone type of the users and unique visitors.
Exhibitor Report
The Exhibitor report shows a list of the exhibitors, and gives details of their profile views, favourites, document downloads and their leads.
Activity Report 
This shows the top 100 favourited documents, exhibitors, users, search terms, and number of visitor log ins.
Speaker Ratings Report
Shows the speaker, their average rating, and total number of people who have rated them.
Session Attendance Report
This shows the session names, the details of who attended and the total number of attendees at the sessions.
Event Survey
The results from your event survey.
Session Evaluations 
The results from your session evaluations.
Live Poll Results
The results from your live polls.
Most Social 
Ranks attendees by the people who used messaging and favouring the most.
Most Popular
Ranks people by those who were favourited the most by others.
Attendee Favourites
Shows the users that others have 'favourited' within the app.
Attendee Scans 
Shows who scanned exhibitor QR code posters.
Public Messages
List of messages posted to the event feed including individual image files.
Attendee Logins
List of attendees who logged into the app and those who were registered and didn't log into the app. As well as totals for each attendee group.
App Usage 
Number of and percentage of views based on each feature / page, count of number of times actions performed and an hourly breakdown of click/view activity for the event.

Additional reports are available when using Lead Qualification and Digital Passport features:

Exhibitor Leads
Shows list of exhibitors that had lead qualification activated, an overview of how many views the profile had and total number of leads captured.
The export of this report also includes the full detail of the attendees captured and qualifiers saved. This report is separated by exhibitor and can be made available for the exhibitor to download and view attendee details.

Exhibitor Leads Summary 
Shows number of exhibitors who used lead qualification and total number of leads captured.
Exhibitor Question Responses
List of attendees and their responses to each exhibitor question answered by scanning the QR code. This report is separated by exhibitor and can be made available for the exhibitor to download and view respondents details.

Each report can be viewed either on the dashboard or downloaded in CSV format and is available in real time before, during and after each event.