Good timing is essential. Ideal lead times are:

  • Exhibitors/Sponsors and Speakers — two weeks before the start of your event.
  • Delegates/Attendees — one week before the event.

This will ensure each type of participant receives the email and engages with it when they are in the right headspace to do so.

We strongly recommend email inviting your attendees via our system as they will receive a unique link that will take them directly through to their in app profile where they can update their personal and/or company profiles with as much information as they wish. The more information the better, so evangelize the benefits of doing so which includes increased engagement levels for them.

You also want to focus on the key features that you want attendees to use (before and during the event). ShowGizmo includes an abundance of features that will be of more relevance to some types of attendees than others. 

You should be specific about which features you want your attendees to utilize over the course of their engagement with the app and why. For example, if you have a large conference program with multiple streams, encourage them to plan their time with the ‘My Schedule’ feature by confirming their attendance at the sessions they don’t want to miss. Another example would be if you have made Lead Qualification available to your exhibitors, stress the extra benefits of uploading their qualifying questions as well as their company documents and links before the event.

Click here for instructions on how to set up and send invitations using ShowGizmo!