If your event doesn’t include pre-registration, all is not lost. There are multiple activities you can engage in to ensure your attendees have the app in hand ahead of the event.

Be sure to display download links to your app prominently on the event website — to achieve the best results, it’s best to create a dedicated page with the event app details and links on it. The page content should be similar to the invite email above. We recommend:

  • Featuring a link to download the app for each device.
  • Listing the features you want attendees to be using and why.
  • Encouraging them to login immediately and update their profile.

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We love the potential apps offer for the paperless event and enjoy supporting our clients to move in this direction. If removing or significantly reducing the volumes of paper at your event is one of your primary reasons for using an event app, tell your attendees — in our experience, you will be surprised by their willingness to come with you on the journey.