The first address in the morning is when the majority of attendees are a captive audience. It’s usually when any housekeeping information is covered: Where the toilets are, what to do in an emergency, the wifi password etc. This is the perfect moment to promote your app and how to download it.

The first address also offers a good platform to demonstrate the main features you want attendees to use. Focus on key ones that will add most value for your particular event type and audiences. If live polling is mission critical, then get the MC to demonstrate how it works by doing an instant poll on something generic — ‘What is the most pressing thing facing our Industry?’

As the MC goes through this process a few things will be happening:

  • attendees who haven’t downloaded the app so far, now will.
  • they’ll learn how to use this feature.
  • they see the results displayed on the screen while voting. This underlines that the app is working and will be a powerful tool throughout the event.

Don’t have a suitable opening address? Consider making an announcement over the PA system or sending out some posts via your social channels as many people will be looking at these feeds on the first morning. We will also provide you with a PowerPoint presentation covering all features of the app.