If you want any assistance with any of these activities or to try something new, please get in touch — this is something we’d like to get ‘done with you’.

Getting stuff done with our clients is what we’re here for; you win, we win. So, once you have uploaded all of your event information into the dashboard, and checked it’s all good to go through your event in ShowGizmo (or your branded app) under ‘My Events’ let us know. Email support@showgizmo.com and our team will be on hand to work through any particular features that you/we feel could benefit your event and really ramp up the experience for your multiple app attendees.

And remember, in promoting your app, you can never use too many channels. People are there for specific reasons. Hearing about a valuable tool that can help them add value to their event experience and increase their engagement options during and after the event is always going to be of interest … and not when they’re queuing in the taxi rank on the way to the airport.