To activate Personal Documents in the app, you first need to send a request to activate this feature to the Customer Success Team. Click here to send us a request!

This feature allows you to load a personal document to each attendee profile. For example, if you had a personalised itinerary for each attendee, you can attach this to their profile.


Once this feature has been activated, go to Delegates.


Click on the name of the attendee you would like to attach the document to. On the right side of the screen, click on Private Document

Click on Select File and navigate to the file location on your computer, then click on Open. Once the file has loaded, click on Save Changes.

You will also need to add the access to the personal document to the main menu, so participants have access to their document in the app. 

Go to Setup > App Settings > App Designer


Click on Select an Item and choose User Info from the drop down list. The name of the menu item will default to User Document, if you would like to change this, simply type the menu name you would like displayed in the app, then click on SaveYou can also move it to another position on the list.


When you are happy with your changes, click on Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.