Sometimes people need a little bit of incentivising to change habits and jump on board with new technology- utilising ShowGizmo's interactive tools can help achieve this!

Live Polling: Why not break up your sessions live polling to engage your audience and get their feedback on important issues or topics of discussion! They are easy to set up and provide insights as you can extract the results from the dashboard too.

You can use Live Polling in your opening session to introduce the app and get people using it from the get go. Even asking trivial questions such as "What shirt should the emcee wear tomorrow?" or "Who do you think will win the rugby this weekend?" can be great ice breakers and fun ways of getting people using the app. 

Alternatively you can have a pre-conference poll set up prior to your event day, and then show the results in the opening session as a means of introducing the app too.

Q&A: Streamlining all audience participation with one device and allowing users to anonymously ask questions can be a great incentive for attendees to download your app. Ask our support team for advice on the best way to set up Q&A for your event.

Virtual Goody Bag: Save paper and create a virtual attendee Goody Bag in the app! Create a web-site page or document with all special offers in it and attach flyers to give your event goers a different form of accessing event deals.

Competitions: If you have an exhibition area at your event, incorporating exhibitor QR code posters into a competition can be a great tool for increasing not only overall engagement but interaction between delegates and exhibitors. 

It can be as simple as 'Scan 20 exhibitor posters to go in the draw to win a prize". A report of potential winners can then be exported from the dashboard at any point. 

Most Active App Attendee: We all know that people love free stuff, so to motivate your event goers even further, offer them a prize for using the app! This can be awarded to the user who is favouriting, messaging, posting, evaluating, scanning and tweeting the most which can be determined from the reports that are available to you in real time!

Gamification: If you wanted to run more of a Leaderboard/Passport style game through the app this is also possible for a small additional cost. Get in touch if you would like more information on this service.